Together, we'll write your sober story.℠

CoAchieving - About our unique coaching to help men recover from sex addiction.

How we grow sobriety and a spiritually centered life.  

CoAchieving is a Co-Creative relationship between coach and client to manifest the amazing spirit and wisdom you already have within you to heal from sexually compulsive behavior, then go further to focus on what you want out of that sober life. The result is a more productive, serene and joyous existence.

What CoAchieving is:

  • An accountability partner
  • A safe place for meaningful dialog and AHA! moments.
  • New perspectives and expanded options
  • Potential solutions
  • Next steps
  • Less painful than a whack on the head with a ball bat

What CoAchieving is not

  • Therapy
  • Psychological counseling
  • Social work
  • Diagnosis
  • Teaching
  • "Fixing" you — you're already okay! 

The client and coach form a relationship driven by the client to achieve goals set by the client.The primary contact between coach and client is during the sessions, which can take place anywhere you like, or on the phone or by encrypted video chat. Occasional contact also occurs via email, text, and any of a host of digital or analog tools we offer. (Yes, there are apps for this.) 

PHASE I lasers in on addiction- and sobriety-related issues.

PHASE II explodes your life with spirit-centered advances in relationships, career and creativity.

The two phases often overlap. 

Purchase a package of sessions at least a month at a time, Choose weekly or semi-weekly sessions. Each session features a combination of Co-Creative listening, as designed by the Coach Training Alliance; 12-Step principles as designed by Alcoholics Anonymous and Sex Addicts Anonymous, and other exercises and tools used in premier treatment facilities. Plus a sense of fun and lightheartedness you won't find anywhere else.

The time and money you spend is an investment in yourself. 


Because we are naturally storytelling creatures, hard-wired for narrative, even reality is discerned by us as a story. You are writing a story about your life right now that is filled with pain, shame and negative consequences. With help, you can write a new, sober story and literally create for yourself a new truth, a new reality. That's why at CoAchieving, we say:

Together, we'll write your sober story.℠