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This won't hurt a bit.

Are you a sex/porn addict? Read through this list of statements based on a quiz from our partners at Covenant Eyes and answer them honestly:

1. I cannot control or decrease my sexual thoughts and actions (even though I’ve tried).
2. I use sexual fantasy and/or encounters to feel better when I’m stressed out.
3. I cannot focus on normal, everyday tasks as a result of my sexual thoughts.
4. I was sexually abused in some way when I was young.
5. I have taken significant risks in trying to live out my sexual fantasies.
6. I’m constantly overwhelmed by shame, guilt, and regret after sexual encounters, real or imagined.
7. I bounce from relationship to relationship in search of the person who will satisfy my sexual needs.
8. I absolutely must have someone in my life to fulfill all of my emotional and sexual needs.
9. I hate myself.
10. I experiment in more and more unusual sexual activity in order to be aroused.

If you answered even a few of these affirmatively, then it’s possible that you’re a sex addict and need help.

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